Always inspired by the Sound System culture, compulsive vinyl collector since his first album in the 90’s, he takes you on a journey through the different styles and years of reggae music with his sharp and eclectic mixes ranging from SKA to Digital Dubz.

Today, he officiates as selecta on radio Millepattes 92.9 FM in the program Large Up and selecta of Heckle & Jeckle to share his passion for reggae music in live Sound System.

Played alongside : Joseph Cotton, Vin Gordon, Don Camilo, Dapatch, Imanytree, Ghilou Bwoy, M-Syla, Original Maxwell Cln, Junior Roy, B-no (Upfull Posse), Supa Mana (Heels Up Sound), Gab Selecta (Play I One 45), Positive Sounds, Yugo Taguchi (Delta Force Sound), Well Well Sound, Fogata Sounds, On U Mind Sound, Lootayard Sound, KINGS HIFI (UK).

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